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01 May 24

LaSemo - July 12, 13 and 14, 2024 at Enghien Park

Going to LaSemo means enjoying a festive getaway.

It is a festival to discover throughout its worlds, on July 12, 13 and 14, 2024.

Live an extraordinary experience punctuated by a multidisciplinary musical and artistic program , a special welcome for families and inscribed in a sustainable spirit, while leaving a beautiful part of the celebration.

At LaSemo, well-being and nature are at the heart of the project... to make the magnificent Enghien park a place of dreams and disconnection.

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20 Mar 24

🌿🏡 Le Fournil - Your Renewed Green Shelter 🏡🌿

🌿🏡 Le Fournil - Your Renewed Green Shelter 🏡🌿

We are extremely proud to announce that our farm cottage, Le Fournil , has once again been awarded the prestigious Green Key label for its exceptional commitment to sustainability and the environment.

This renewed recognition is a real source of pride for our entire team.

Since our first labeling in 2019, we have continued our daily efforts to integrate environmentally friendly practices into all our activities, from waste management to water conservation through the use of local and organic products.

At La Ferme du Parc , we firmly believe in the collective responsibility to preserve our planet for future generations, while offering our valued guests an authentic and memorable experience.

This renewal of our Green Key label encourages us to continue our journey towards sustainability, and we warmly invite you to join us in this noble cause.

Come and enjoy the serenity of our farm cottage while contributing to a greener future for all.

For the occasion, we are offering you a 10% discount on your stay with us with the promo code: "GREEN24" for a minimum stay of 2 nights, (promo code valid for a stay until 01/31/2025)

Thank you to all of our customers, partners and team members for their continued support.

Together, we are building a more sustainable future, one stay at a time.

Welcome to La Ferme du Parc , where each stay is a contribution to a better world. 🌍💚

Feux d'artifices

Feux d'artifices

31 Dec 23

Celebrate the New Year Safely: Responsible Alternatives to Fireworks

Each year, the transition to a new year is an occasion for joyful celebrations.

However, it is crucial to consider everyone's safety during these festivities.

As we approach 2024, we strongly encourage the adoption of responsible alternatives to traditional fireworks, given the many associated risks.

Risks of fireworks:

  • Personal Safety: Fireworks can cause serious injury if handled incorrectly.
  • Environment: Debris from fireworks can contaminate the environment, harming flora and fauna.
  • Fires: Accidental fires caused by fireworks can endanger lives and cause significant property damage.
  • Stress to Animals: Sudden loud noises from fireworks can cause significant stress to farm animals such as horses and cows.
    This stress can have negative consequences on their overall well-being, affecting their health and production.

Responsible Alternatives:

  • Decorative lights: Opt for string lights and decorative lights to create a festive atmosphere without the risks associated with fireworks.
  • Community Events: Participate in responsibly organized community events, such as professionally controlled bonfires.
  • Laser Shows: Laser shows can provide an impressive visual experience without the fire and safety risks associated with fireworks.
  • Campfires: Host safe campfires to enjoy the warmth and ambiance while minimizing risk.

By choosing responsible alternatives, we can all help create a festive environment without compromising everyone's safety. Let's celebrate the new year thoughtfully and inclusively.



24 Dec 23

Best wishes 2024!

Dear Customers and Visitors to the Ferme du Parc! 🌟

As we bid farewell to an exceptional year, we just wanted to send you a ton of gratitude for sharing some awesome times with us at Ferme du Parc. 🚜🌳

May this new year 2024 be filled with smiles, success, and moments as delicious as a slice of homemade pie. 🍰 May every day be a new adventure, and every moment a source of happiness. 😊

At Ferme du Parc, we are super excited to continue welcoming you with wide open arms and contagious enthusiasm. 🎉 Whether for a relaxing stay, an educational visit, or just to relax and enjoy nature, we can't wait to share lots of fun moments with you this year. 🌈

In 2024, we are renewing our commitment to excellence and top quality service. 🌟 Expect surprises, special events, and lots of relaxation in the heart of the Ferme du Parc. 🌻

May this year be filled with discoveries, love, and magical moments. ✨ May every day be a chance to make your dreams come true and create incredible memories. 🚀

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being part of our great community at Ferme du Parc. May 2024 bring you all the happiness in the world. 🌍

Best Wishes and Happy New Year 2024! 🎆🎊

Yours sincerely,

Vincent, Marie-Julie & the kids!

Gite "Le Fournil" - labéllsé Green Key -

Gite "Le Fournil" - labéllsé Green Key -

12 Feb 24

A “Green Key” commitment recognized since the opening of our farm cottage!

Discover ""Le Fournil"": Your Green Key Labeled Farm Gite

We are proud to announce that our farm gîte, "Le Fournil", has recently been once again honored with the prestigious Green Key label. This recognition highlights our commitment to sustainability and our desire to create an environmentally friendly lodging experience.

What is the Green Key label?

Green Key is an international label that rewards tourist establishments for their exemplary environmental practices. As a Green Key certified lodge, "Le Fournil" meets strict criteria in terms of water management, waste management, energy use and other aspects linked to sustainability.

Our Ecological Commitment since 2018

Since the opening of "Le Fournil" in 2018, we have undertaken constant efforts to minimize our impact on the environment. We implemented water purification systems, installed solar panels for renewable energy use, adopted energy-efficient LED lighting, implemented a waste sorting program, and established an on-site composting process. In addition, to encourage sustainable mobility, we have installed an electric charging station for vehicles, and our heating system runs on pellets, a renewable biomass source.

A Unique Stay Experience

In our cottage "Le Fournil", we are committed to offering a unique stay experience where comfort, nature and sustainability meet harmoniously. Our visitors can relax knowing they are participating in a planet-friendly lifestyle, while enjoying the tranquility of nature.

Join us in our Commitment to a Sustainable Future

We invite our guests to join us in this environmental approach. Together, we can create a positive impact for our planet.
Every stay at ""Le Fournil"" counts towards a greener future.

Welcome to us, where the harmony between comfort and respect for the environment has defined our commitment from the beginning.

Système de lagunage - gravière - Gites à la Ferme du Parc

Système de lagunage - gravière - Gites à la Ferme du Parc

10 Jan 24

An ecological and economical gray water purification system.

To purify the gray water from the lodges at the Ferme du Parc, a gravity lagoon system was put in place several years ago.
The process followed the following steps:

  1. Site Assessment: A detailed site assessment was carried out to determine the topography, soil composition and hydrological characteristics, in order to design a system suitable for the local environment.

  2. System design: The gravity lagoon system was designed taking into account the number of breeding places, the reception capacity and the specific characteristics of the gray water generated. The design included shallow basins to allow for biological treatment.

  3. Pretreatment: A pretreatment was installed to remove coarse solids, including a screen and decanter to separate heavy particles.

  4. Lagoon basins: Shallow lagoon basins have been created, favoring natural biological processes. These ponds allowed the decomposition of organic matter by aerobic bacteria.

  5. Natural aeration: Natural aeration was encouraged by designing the basins to promote oxygenation of the water, thus helping to reduce bad odors and improve the effectiveness of the treatment.

  6. Adapted vegetation: Adapted vegetation has been introduced into the lagoon basins. Aquatic plants helped absorb nutrients and maintain biological balance.

  7. Monitoring and maintenance: A regular monitoring and maintenance plan has been put in place to ensure the proper functioning of the system. This included water testing, equipment checks and periodic cleaning of the ponds.

  8. Awareness: The occupants of the lodges were informed of the importance of water conservation and the responsible use of sanitary facilities to minimize the pollutant load.

  9. Regulatory Compliance: All local wastewater treatment standards and regulations have been met.

  10. Environmental Education: Educational elements were incorporated, explaining to visitors and residents the ecological benefits of the gravity lagoon system, thereby encouraging increased awareness of environmental preservation.

""Green Key"" Commitment: The gravity lagoon system aligns perfectly with our ""Green Key"" commitment.By promoting natural biological processes, it actively contributes to environmental sustainability, thereby meeting the high standards we aim for in terms of ecological responsibility. This environmentally friendly approach supports our goal of operating eco-responsibly and in harmony with nature.

The gravity lagoon system for gray water purification has several advantages:

  1. Affordable initial cost: The system is economical to set up.

  2. Low energy consumption: It requires less energy thanks to the use of natural processes.

  3. Simple maintenance: Requires little mechanical maintenance, promoting biological balance.

  4. Environmental Sustainability: Contributes to sustainability by limiting the use of chemicals.

  5. Adaptability: Effectively deals with fluctuations in organic load.

  6. Odor reduction: Minimizes bad odors thanks to the presence of oxygen.

  7. Landscape integration: Ponds can be aesthetically integrated into the landscape.

  8. History of success: In place for more than 10 years at the park farm, the system demonstrates its long-term durability and reliability.

Gite à la ferme - Les 3 petits cochons -

Gite à la ferme - Les 3 petits cochons -

04 Dec 23



Dear friends of nature and escape,

We are joyfully celebrating the second anniversary of our farm cottage ""Les 3 petits pigs"", a haven of peace nestled in the heart of nature.

To share this special occasion, we are organizing an exclusive competition!


A 100 euro discount voucher!!

Are you dreaming of a getaway to the countryside?

Take part in the competition and try to win a 100 euro reduction voucher for an unforgettable stay of at least 2 nights in our charming gîte during 2024.


1/ Follow our Facebook pageThe Gites at the Ferme du Parc (double your chances by also following our Instagram page: #lafermeduparc_almanzaharabians

2/Like the competition post

3/Share in the comments a memorable anecdote from your last getaway to the farm by tagging 3 friends.


The winner will be announced on December 23 on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Good luck to all nature and adventure lovers!

More information and reservation: www.gitesalaferme.be

Borne recharge voiture électrique à la Ferme du Parc

Borne recharge voiture électrique à la Ferme du Parc

11 Dec 23

Towards a Sustainable Future: Charging Station for Electric Cars, a Major Asset for Farm Gite Customers

Since 2023, Gîtes à la Ferme du Parc have taken a new step towards sustainability by offering their customers a significant advantage: a charging station for electric cars.

This initiative not only represents a response to the growing needs of electric vehicle owners, but also a concrete way to improve the overall visitor experience while supporting the transition to cleaner mobility.

**1. Accessibility to Sustainable Mobility**

The installation of a charging station for electric cars within the gîtes at La Ferme du Parc offers visitors the opportunity to choose a more environmentally friendly mobility option.
This directly responds to the growing demand for sustainable solutions and positions the lodges as a preferred destination for eco-friendly travel enthusiasts.

**2. Comfort and Convenience for Electric Travelers**

B&B guests now enjoy the convenience of having access to this on-site charging station, eliminating concerns related to the range of their electric vehicle.
This facility reinforces the appeal of the lodges at Ferme du Parc by offering a hassle-free travel experience and highlighting the commitment of these establishments to the comfort of their guests.

**3. Ecological Attractiveness of the Gîtes at the Ferme du Parc**

The presence of charging stations for electric cars is part of the ecological philosophy of Ferme du Parc.
By offering a clean charging option, we are strengthening our commitment to sustainability and helping to reduce travel-related carbon emissions.

**4. Valuation of the Customer Experience**

The installation of charging stations goes beyond the simple provision of a service.
This creates a positive customer experience and modernizes the image of the gîtes at La Ferme du Parc.
Travelers increasingly appreciate establishments that integrate innovative and environmentally friendly solutions.

**5. Support for Local Sustainable Mobility**

By offering charging infrastructure, our farm also contributes to the development of sustainable mobility on a local scale.
We encourage the adoption of electric vehicles in the region and thus actively participate in building a cleaner future.

In conclusion, the installation of charging stations for electric cars in the lodges at Ferme du Parc represents a major step forward towards more sustainable hospitality.

This initiative responds to the changing needs of travelers while positioning these establishments as key players in promoting environmentally friendly tourism.

Installation Photovoltaïque à la Ferme du Parc

Installation Photovoltaïque à la Ferme du Parc

04 Dec 23

Solar Energy at the Farm Park: An Installation of Photovoltaic Panels

La Ferme du Parc is resolutely committed to a green energy transition by installing innovative photovoltaic panels.
This ambitious initiative aims to cover a large part of our electricity consumption, while actively contributing to the achievement of our Green Key objectives.

**1. La Ferme du Parc and its Green Commitment**

Located in the heart of our community, Ferme du Parc has always been keen to reduce its environmental impact. The installation of photovoltaic panels is part of a global approach aimed at promoting renewable energies and preserving our local environment.

**2. Cover a Significant Part of our Electricity Consumption**

Photovoltaic panels installed on site are designed to efficiently capture solar energy and convert it into electricity. This clean energy source will allow Ferme du Parc to reduce its dependence on traditional sources and cover a significant part of its electricity consumption.

**3. Contribution to Green Key Objectives**

La Ferme du Parc is committed to respecting high environmental standards, in particular those defined by the Green Key program.

The installation of photovoltaic panels represents a major step forward towards achieving these objectives, reinforcing our commitment to sustainable development.

**4. Positive Impact on the Local Community**

Beyond its internal benefits, this solar installation will also have a positive impact on the local community.

By promoting the use of clean energy, Ferme du Parc acts as an inspiring model for other companies and encourages a broader energy transition.

**5. Environmental Awareness and Education**

As part of this initiative, Ferme du Parc also plans environmental awareness and education programs.

By sharing our experience, we want to encourage our partners, employees and the local community to adopt more sustainable practices on a daily basis.

In conclusion, the installation of photovoltaic panels at the Ferme du Parc marks a crucial step towards a more sustainable energy future.

This investment demonstrates our commitment to the environment and illustrates our determination to play an active role in the transition to practices that are more respectful of the planet.

21 Nov 23

Relax and start your day with a delicious breakfast basket!

Relax and start your day with a delicious breakfast basket filled with good local products!

Taste various breads and pastries, cereals, cheeses, etc. accompanied by dairy products, eggs from our chickens, hot drinks (coffee, tea, etc.) and juice.

This gourmet breakfast is offered in the form of a packed basket delivered to the gite at the time of your choice.

All products come from organic farming and/or local producers.

A food allergy? A special diet?
Let's discuss together before your stay and we will try to adapt our local basket as best as possible.

For good organization, please order your basket no later than D-1 before your arrival.
For longer stays, order your basket from us D-2 at the latest (example: arrival at the cottage on Saturday evening, order on arrival, basket available from Tuesday morning because no local producers available on Sunday)

La Route des Bières Wallones

La Route des Bières Wallones

18 Aug 23

The beer route of Wallonia

Along this Wallonia Beer Route you will meet brewers, discover their know-how and the passion that drives them.

65 breweries or microbreweries are featured.

They have in common to brew on the spot and to propose visits .

More information ? Click here



14 Jul 23

Your nature break close to home...

Your nature break near you and only:

10 km from Chièvres, Jurbise, Neufvilles, Brugelette,...

15km from Mons, Ath, Soignies,...

55 km from Brussels, Tournai, Charleroi....

80 km from Namur, Lilles, Ghent...


Agro Golf: https://fb.me/e/A361BNL9

Corn Maze: https://fb.me/e/2KuYAmIRM

Family visit: https://www.fermeduparc.be/visite-familiale/

Address: The Park Farm, 13 Rue La Roche 7870 LENS, Hainaut, Belgium




19 Jun 23

Intrigue at the Parc Farm

Stroll through the Walloon countryside and villages and live a wonderful experience with family or group. With your smartphone or tablet as your only tool, these embedded technologies will allow you to solve all the puzzles

Eight thrilling adventure walks


With the help of Rupert le Boeuf , Aglaé the Sow , Zoé the Goat and Prosper the Sheep, experience eight interactive adventures.


Zoé the goat has a habit of going to the dovecote of the Parc farm to send and receive messages.

For her, pigeons are much more reliable than modern postal services which can sometimes, ahem, take their time… when they deign to work. Surprised this morning, among the carrier pigeons, Zoé found... a parrot!

She has an idea of what is going on, but that does not delight her.As she checks her hypothesis, she sends you a pigeon with a request for assistance. If her theory turns out to be correct, she could be in dire need of your help.


Download the application: https://intriguealaferme.be/page/ferme-du-parc/en



10 Jun 23

Agro-Golf - a new game at La Ferme du Parc!

Come and enjoy the fresh air of the countryside by learning about Farmer's Golf.
This one is also called "Agro Golf" "Boeren Golf" or "Golf Champètre", something a little different!

Farmer's golf is played in the meadows, between grazing cows and horses.
A sport accessible to all, young and old, alone or in a group.
Our course consists of 10 holes. The club used is a solid wooden shoe on a stick.

The rules of country golf are somewhat similar to those of traditional golf.

Each team appoints its captain who must count the points and ensure that the rules of the game are respected.
The players are divided into teams of a maximum of 5 people.

The goal is to complete the course in as few strokes as possible, but above all to have fun with family, friends or colleagues.

The only really important rule: respect a safe distance before kicking the ball. Let's go !Each team takes their club and ball.

2 hours of fun guaranteed!
Attention, the last possible departure is at 4:00 p.m.!


Rates (Season 2023):
Adults and over 12 years old: €8.00
Children from 5 to 11 years old: €5.00
Free parking

Payment in cash or via Payconicq (QR Code) We do not have a bancontact terminal on site.

Open by appointment on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Wednesdays from 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Attention, the last possible departure is at 4:00 p.m.!

• Dogs (large or small) are not allowed.
• It is preferable to bring walking boots or ankle boots.
• Dry toilets available near the car park
• You can bring your picnic or a snack to take a break on the course.



09 Jun 23

Open Farm Days on July 1 and 2, 2023

Note in your diary!

Good news !
Our "Open Farm" days will take place on the weekend of July 01 and 02!

From 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. various activities will allow you to discover the agricultural world, the small farm animals and the products and craftsmen of our beautiful region.

Note the date in your diary, details will be published as they become available on the event's Facebook page.

Looking forward to seeing many of you again


19 Feb 23

Re-opening of Parc Pairi Daiza 2023

This Saturday, February 18, the J ardin des Mondes - Pairi Daiza (formerly known as Paradisio) reopened its doors for the 2023 tourist season.

The opportunity for the park to discover its brand new access door ""La porte des Mondes"" proudly inaugurated by Mr. Eric Domb at the end of last week.

The expansion of this ""bird paradise"" into Jardins des 5, 6, 7, 8…. Mondes is very often debated at the local and provincial level.
The Pro and Anti Parc each have sharp arguments on the subject.

Be that as it may, the Pairi Daiza park remains an exceptional tourist spot in our region.

A unanimous observation, it has become extremely difficult to walk through all the aisles and discover all the animals in a single day, even at a run.

On the occasion of the reopening of this Jardin des Mons, book your stay (before April 30) in one of our farm cottages less than 5 km from the park using the promo code ""PARC23""and you will immediately benefit from 10% off the price of your stay at the Ferme du Parc.

We look forward to welcoming you to our very own ""animal paradise"".

Marie-Julie, Vincent and the children



16 Jan 23

Best wishes 2023

We wish you our best wishes for this new year.

Heading now to 2023!

That this new year:

Takes you to new horizons: successful projects!

Make you discover beautiful landscapes: memorable encounters!

Guides you on long journeys: iron health!

Good adventure 2023!


Marie-Julie, Vincent and the children.



12 Dec 22

Lagooning as an individual purification system

Purifying your dirty water called "grey water" is an eco-responsible act: I pollute, it's inevitable... but I purify!

Dwellings located in an autonomous sanitation zone must be equipped with an approved individual wastewater treatment plant (SEI).

This is the case with our farm. We then had two options:
- either install an electromechanical micro-purification station (intensive system),
- or install a natural technique: lagooning (extensive system).


We have without hesitation opted for the natural technique because the advantages of the lagoon system are significant:

  • natural and simple system;
  • known and mastered system (the principle of lagooning is very old);
  • reliable system over time and in terms of purification quality;
  • high quality of purification exceeding the standards imposed by Europe;
  • no power consumption;
  • aesthetic integration in our orchard;
  • creation of an aquatic refuge;
  • responsible and ecological approach.

To help you understand the principle of lagooning, here is a report, produced by RTBF in April 2017.

This short video introduces you to two lagooning specialists: on the one hand, Christian Heyden, bio-chemist and author of projects, and on the other hand, the Walloon company Villa Natura , which carries them out.

In 2015, we called on their services and expertise to install a "Gravière plantée" lagooning system to purify the wastewater from the farm and the "Le Fournil" cottage.

Our installation can filter up to the equivalent of 10 pe (population equivalent)

During your stay at the farm, do not hesitate to ask us questions and visit the installation. It is also visible from the shared garden during your stay in our farm cottage ""Le Fournil"".

#lagunage, #épuration, #eau, #écologie


09 Dec 22

Christmas markets tested and approved!

This year more than ever, we were looking forward to them: The opening of the Christmas markets in Belgium

With family and friends, we can't wait to make the most of the magic of Christmas.

We have selected for you 11 Christmas markets to do in Belgium and we have already tested for you: The market at the Abbey of Maredsous.

We take advantage of the trip to (re)discover some gems of our heritage.


Maredsou Christmas market : https://noelamaredsous.be/

The most beautiful Christmas markets in Belgium :



27 May 22

Travel guide committed to sustainable tourism in Belgium

We are proud to announce that our cottage at the Ferme du Parc "Le Fournil" is featured in the very first travel guide committed to sustainable tourism in Belgium.

It was written by Cédric Maillaert (founder of @hikeup.be ).

This guide offers you:
✅ 366 ethical and sustainable addresses for housing, eating, practicing activities, preparing the world of tomorrow and volunteering.
✅ Tips for traveling in a sustainable way and ideas for traveling differently in Belgium.
✅ Practical information to prepare your trip.
✅ In-depth cultural articles on Belgian society. the environment in Belgium, the culture and its people.
✅ Many color photos.
✅ Flashcodes allowing access to all addresses on interactive maps.