Our eco-responsible values

The international Green Key label distinguishes nearly 250 guest rooms, gîtes, furnished accommodation, hotels, youth hostels, holiday centers, campsites, conference centers and event venues, attractions and restaurants in Belgium.

International :
Green Key is an international label present on five continents and 60 countries, from Belgium to South Africa. More than 3,600 sites have obtained the label.

Ecolabel :
Due to the number of certified establishments, its quality and its age, Green Key is the first international label to promote sustainable stays, meetings and leisure activities. Green Key establishments are committed to a more sustainable world. Anyone who visits or stays at a Green Key location can count on the planet benefiting, without sacrificing their comfort or their wallet.

Green Key rewards owners and managers who contribute to a socially and environmentally just society.

Green Key operators are already complying with the legislation of the future, which will be increasingly strict in terms of environmental standards. Only companies and organizations that address climate and sustainability challenges today will be resilient in tomorrow's world.

Green Key supports and unites owners or managers who want to adopt more sustainable management and want to share their experiences. Green Key keeps them informed of new sustainable practices in the broad tourism and leisure sector and allows them to share their experiences within the Green Key network.

Green Key provides a framework for sustainable entrepreneurship . Each manager of a Green Key establishment must meet high standards in the areas of management (personnel, administration, communication, policy), waste, energy, food, mobility, management water and green spaces, as well as cleaning.

Green Key guarantees the customer that the chosen establishment systematically keeps alow ecological footprint. Anyone who, as a leisure consumer, wants to take into account the ""sustainability"" of our planet, can come to a Green Key location with complete peace of mind.

Green Key aims for climate neutrality across the entire (business) tourism and leisure sector, involving all stakeholders: business leaders, staff, suppliers, customers, citizens, cities/municipalities and governments.

Tourism and leisure are very dependent on our environment . We must do everything possible to preserve this environment, the habitat of homo touristicus.