Our farm



La Ferme du Parc has reigned in this small Roche valley for more than 300 years.

Cradled by the Dendre, which flows right next to it, La Ferme du Parc has always kept its agricultural vocation engraved in the stone of the entrance porch: ""Pro Rore Et Aratro"", meaning ""By the Dew And the Plow"" in Latin.

It was the monks of the abbey of Saint-Denis-en-Brocqueroie who built this square farm according to the principle of self-sufficiency. The Dendre provided water and fish, the dovecote served as a means of communication and a pantry, in the barn hay and straw were stored for the animals.

A mill, powered by the Dendre, was once used to grind the wheat harvested from the fields and a bakery made it possible to prepare bread for all the occupants and workers.

More information: www.fermeduparc.be